Exams Access Arrangements

Exam Access Arrangements (EAA’s) are the reasonable adjustments that can be made for an individual to allow them a level playing field with their peers in an exam situation. An individual may be eligible for EAA’s if they have a slower processing speed, memory difficulties or literacy difficulties such as reading and writing (both quality and speed). The individual does not necessarily need to have a diagnosis of a learning difficulty to qualify for exam arrangements.

An EAA assessment involves cognitive testing and an assessment of literacy (including reading ability, comprehension, reading speed, spelling, writing speed and writing quality). The test takes approximately one hour. This is not a diagnostic assessment. The assessor must complete and sign the relevant section of the required Form 8 or other exam board paperwork. The school or college must approve the assessor administering these tests.

Common exam access arrangements include:

• Extra time (usually 25%)

• A scribe

• Assistive technology, such as a reading pen, word processor, voice processor or computer reader

• Modified exam papers (e.g. different colour or font, modified language)

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