Full Diagnostic Assessments

Our full diagnostic assessments are carried out by specialist assessors who have up to date Assessor’s Practising Certificates (APC), or Chartered Psychologists who are registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC). The assessment focuses on dyslexia and other possible co-occurring difficulties.

• You will receive an email to confirm the assessment booking. This email also includes a questionnaire for you to complete. This gives the assessor background information about the person being assessed to help select the most appropriate tests.

• At the assessment, we conduct a diagnostic interview with reference to the completed questionnaire. Based on the information provided, we use our range of assessment tools to put together the best diagnostic package for you/your child. This involves cognitive testing and assessments of literacy, numeracy, phonological processing and visual-motor integration, dependent upon the nature of the difficulties reported.

• We will give some verbal feedback on the day of the assessment (sometimes a verbal diagnosis, but not in every case). A written (PDF) report (including recommendations) is then sent out within 2 weeks of the assessment date.

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